First week – walking


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Today is one week since I started my own little fitness challenge. Last Sunday was the day that I told myself that I need a change in my life, and that’s the day I started. I posted my first blog post Tuesday this week, the 5th, and that was within the first days of this challenge. I guess I should tell you a little bit about my “challenge”. For the moment, I don’t really have any particular goals except for making a change in my life. I have never been much of a “working-out-girl”, but I had a time period about a year ago when I started to take health and working out a bit more serious, but then for some reason it stopped. I always find it hard to find motivation to keep going, so because of that I haven’t been working out for a long while now, and I get a bit disappointed realizing that all those results I gained previously are now gone. But maybe that is what gets me going again, the realization of how I “wasted” all those sweat and tears for nothing, since I’ve just thrown it away. I will not let that happen again! So from now on, I will implement working out and eating healthy in my daily habits, and so it shall be! Of course, I have some small goals with this challenge, and that is to get healthier, loose weight but most of all turn fat into muscles, and also to eat better food and stay away from sugar and carbs. For starters, I will take this challenge one week at a time but my plan is of course to keep doing this “for ever”. I want a healthy life, and you don’t get that from putting sugars in your mouth and wathing TV, believe me!

So for week one, what have I done? For this first week, I started a bit slow. My goal for this week have been to start walking more. I’m thinking that I should not rush into this and go insane with going to the gym everyday because I know I get bored so easily, so I’m taking baby steps and starting with what seems more attainable to me. This week, I have been out power walking for at least one hour a day, but most days even 1hr 30-40minutes, which feels better for each day. The goal for a good day of walking is 10.000 steps a day, and I have reached that every day since I started walking. Did you know that increasing your walking to at least 10.000 steps a day reduces your risk of heart disease? So walking is not just good for your fitness goals but also for your overall health! This week, I have been eating healthy, skipping the bad carbs and sugars as far as possible and I’ve been walking each day – the results: – 1 pound!

What else do I have to say today… Keep going! If you need a good but not to hard start, I definitely recommend you to start walking. Most people have an hour to spare a day to walk, and if not an hour, at least 20-30 minutes a day will make a good start. Bring your friend, your mother or father, your neighbor, or just your headphones and some good music and get out of that couch right away!

/ Linda


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