Second week – more results

Hey guys,

My last week have been busy. I planned to update with some posts during the week but it’s been a lot going on, trying to fit in 1,5h walks every day into my already busy days with school and work. Anyways, this past week have been pretty much the same as the first one. I have been going for morning walks (between 5-6 miles) before breakfast every day to keep striving towards my goal of losing some weight and becoming healthier. This past week I planned to start going to the gym, but the week started badly with head aches and stuff so I actually stuck to only walking this week as well. But not to worry! The results keeps coming anyway! During this last week I’ve been eating clean with almost no carbs and no sugar and it works out very well. A great tips is to make awesome salads! Even though I don’t like vegetables very much, I still make some great salads with the ones that I actually do like. My favorite salad right now that I think you should try is with: baby spinach, romaine, cucumber, corn, avocado, goat cheese, and prosciutto – all bought at my favorite store Trader Joe’s. I really love shopping for groceries in that store. Oh my, how I will miss that store when I move back to Sweden in a couple of weeks. This will be just a quick update today but I’ll touch base again soon!

So results for the second week: In addition with the first week I have now lost 3 pounds. 3 pounds in 2 weeks, I can barely believe it. Wooohooo! Let’s keep kicking it!

/ Linda


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