Healthy Eating

Hey again,

Today I’m actually writing this post from Sweden. After living 2,5 years in Los Angeles, I have now moved back to Sweden and am done with associate degree, finally. From living in Los Angeles for 2,5 years, I have formed a new view of my lifestyle, and I will definitely bring that with me to Sweden. In LA, there are people working out everywhere, on every street and every corner, which has influenced me a lot. The closeness to the beach and wonderful walks and runs by the beach is something I will miss a lot though. I’m not looking forward to go for a walk in rainy or snowy Sweden right now, but I will anyway. I will implement my new habits into my new life in Sweden and working out and eating clean has to be a part of my life here as well. And I hope you think so about your lives as well. I think it’s great that there are so many different inspiration sources for a healthy and active lifestyle. There are thousands of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as blogs with workout tips and sites with recipes for healthy food. One great source for this is the Facebook page “Healthy eating” that has great inspiration pics and recipes for great food. Check it out here:

There is also this cool Twitter account that gives great health tips:
I hope you all will keep getting inspired and motivated for a healthy lifestyle, I know I will do everything to accomplish my dream of getting healthy, fit, and get a stronger body, so that I eventually can start Cross Fit to the fall. That is a goal that I will work hard for during this winter and upcoming spring.

Keep on sweating,


Inspiration pics

From me to you. Take a look at these pictures and reflect: How does these pictures affect you? Personally, I think they’re all awesome and they give me lots of motivation! Eating clean is a daily challenge that I face, but I want to succeed more than anything else. The workout is an important part of your health, but what you put on your plate each day is what gives you the fuel and energy to perform well in your workouts and daily duties. Please find the time and make it a part of your daily routines to think about what you eat, what the food you put in to your mouth will actually do to you, will it fuel you and give you energy, will it make you motivated to keep on going, and will it make you feel happy about yourself? Then you’ve made a good choice! It’s all about your choices. You have the choice to find, or to MAKE the time to workout. You have a choice of buying healthy or unhealthy food at the grocery store. And by making these choices in life, you are also choosing your own health insurance. If you buy the unhealthy food and spend very little time moving your body from the couch, you are more likely to affect your heart negatively and your brain as well. Your brain needs all nutrients to work properly and to keep you energized to be able to maintain a healthy body. Never forget that it’s your future that you are determining by what you put in your mouth, and by how often you lift your but off the couch and move it!